RIOR LAKE, Minn. – When it comes to bingo, Urduja Balicao had an impressive case of beginner’s luck. She won $9,000 the first time she ever played bingo 18 years ago at Little Six Casino. Four years later, she won a $16,500 bingo jackpot at Mystic Lake – enough to completely pay off the new car she’d bought the previous week.

Still, even Balicao was surprised by her bingo luck when she recently won the $100,000 Do-It-Yourself bingo jackpot at Mystic Lake.

“I was shaking,” she said. “I almost couldn’t believe it, because I did it in 15 numbers. Usually it takes all 20.”

To play the game, players choose eight numbers. Their chosen numbers must appear in the first 20 calls of the Do-It-Yourself game, or the progressive jackpot prize will roll over to the next day and players will instead play for a consolation prize of $500.

What does Balicao plan to do with her $100,000 windfall? She says that she’s retired and has “everything I really need,” although she is planning to take a little extra spending money with her on a trip to watch her granddaughter compete in a national dance contest. Balicao’s namesake, Urduja, is a legendary Filipino princess. After nearly two decades of such good fortune playing the game, one might call Urduja Balicao the Princess of Bingo.

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